As the 2015 census recorded, Riverside’s accumulated population was 322,424 people. The overall population all lies within 90,690 households throughout Riverside. The average household size equated to about 3.34 individuals.

    In addition, it has also been reported that the average population density was 3,745.0 people per square mile, all within a total of 98,444 housing units.

    The overall racial makeup of the city is as follows: 56.5% White residents, 7.0% African American residents, 1.1% American Indian and Alaska Native alone, 7.4% Asian residents, 49.0% Hispanic or Latino residents, and 0.4% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian residents.

Additionally, out of this diverse mix up of residents, about 5.1% have been reported as being from two or more races.

    Within the city, the population is spread out with 7.2% of residents under the age of 5. Also, 26.8% are under the age of 18. The remaining 8.6% are 65 and older.

    The overall median income for a household in the city was $56,089. 19.7% of these individuals lived below the poverty line. Riverside is a part of Riverside County and has a land area of 81.14 square miles.